Strzelnica KrakówEagle vision in a human allows you to see a lot of small things every day. For thousands of years a sharp vision guaranteed people’s survival. Seeking the plant to eat ensured survival for many weeks. Seeking the wild game is the first point, hunting the animal required good vision. In the twenty-first century people do not have to hunt animals but having an eagle eye is useful in many cases.

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A return to the past, to the days when people could rely only on themselves, is provided by white-water rafting in Szczawnica. For centuries, people together kept taming nature, human cooperation ensured success. The spirit of teamwork now probably has abated somewhat as a result of the achievements of civilization. A successful professional life is a merit of good relations with each other that are formed in difficult times. The confidence stems from the ability to overcome one’s own weaknesses. We organize integrative trips for companies, after which employees enthusiastically cooperate and successfully implement various projects. A rafting trip down a wild mountain river is an opportunity to quench the spirit, and enhance self-confidence. Rafting in Szczawnica  is also great fun for people who know how to enjoy life.

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Paintball Cracow

Civilized fun in the forest are the domain of tourists who enjoy active leisure. Discovering wild nooks, the penetration of forest passages is the domain of real tough guys. Hiding in the dense, wild bushes, stalking the prey and eventually the attack – this is how the life of people for thousands of years looked like. Picturesque ancestral stories resonate pastries on the faces of the audience. Sweet childhood days are full of stalking which aim to reach a target.

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Karts KrakowThings to do on holiday is also fun. Driving a go-cart provides unforgettable emotions. Feeling like in F1 is known not only to racing drivers. Go-carts provide a lot of fun to anyone who dares to go crazy on the track racing.  Safe driving in a small car is a learning experience before embarking on real roads in Cracow. Relax moments spent on the track trigger a lot of laughter that makes you feel a glow of satisfaction.

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