Karts KrakowThings to do on holiday is also fun. Driving a go-cart provides unforgettable emotions. Feeling like in F1 is known not only to racing drivers. Go-carts provide a lot of fun to anyone who dares to go crazy on the track racing.  Safe driving in a small car is a learning experience before embarking on real roads in Cracow. Relax moments spent on the track trigger a lot of laughter that makes you feel a glow of satisfaction.

 Organization of events

We organize driving go-karts in Cracow in a safe environment. The safety of tourists is ensured  by an experiences driver, who gives instructions how to ride a go-kart. Many years of experience of the instructor behind the car wheel gives you the opportunity to gain unique experiences. Comfortable conditions in Cracow combined with driving a go-kart are the fulfillment of a childhood dream. DO not delay, booking a go-kart lesson will schedule a vacation, we invite you to use our services and hope you become one of our regular customers.




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