Paintball Cracow

Civilized fun in the forest are the domain of tourists who enjoy active leisure. Discovering wild nooks, the penetration of forest passages is the domain of real tough guys. Hiding in the dense, wild bushes, stalking the prey and eventually the attack – this is how the life of people for thousands of years looked like. Picturesque ancestral stories resonate pastries on the faces of the audience. Sweet childhood days are full of stalking which aim to reach a target.

 Team building

Adults rarely find time for plays, thanks to which they will feel as kids and will be able to participate in healthy competition. A return to childhood is ensured by Paintball, a game in which participants can compete against each other using rifles filled with dyes. Paintball requires responsibility, it is a team game, which counts collaboration. What matters is the agility and good communication, which provides victory of a winning team.

We organize events aiming at building a team, improving physical fitness. Good entertainment, outdoor activities help to free your mind of everyday thoughts. Full safety during Paintball activities is ensured by qualified instructors and equipment that is fully safe.

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