Strzelnica KrakówEagle vision in a human allows you to see a lot of small things every day. For thousands of years a sharp vision guaranteed people’s survival. Seeking the plant to eat ensured survival for many weeks. Seeking the wild game is the first point, hunting the animal required good vision. In the twenty-first century people do not have to hunt animals but having an eagle eye is useful in many cases.

The ability to recognize danger on the road or on the street to allows you to avoid jeopardy. Good vision is useful on a daily basis when working with a computer, the ability to see the needs of people is also a merit of good vision.


Shooting range activities constitute a good opportunity to check your eyes and practice your target shooting. Great satisfaction that comes from hitting the jackpot will surge of positive energy and makes humans increase the level of self-esteem. Big fun with target shooting on the range frees from emotions and makes people gain inner balance.

e organize events linked to the shooting at the shooting range. The safety of participants is ensured by qualified shooting instructors.

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