Mercedes Sprinter

Dormitory transportation KrakowLuxury vehicles for the carriage of passengers can accommodate 20 people in one vehicle. Two exclusive super comfortable vehicles ensure safe transfer of passengers from Balice Airport in Cracow. Mercedes Sprinter has plenty of space for luggage, which is appreciated by travelers. Families with children feel secure during the journey, every Mercedes car is equipped with child seats. Experienced travelers will appreciate the peace and quiet air conditioning in the vehicle.

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Mercedes Vito

 Luxury Transportation KrakowA luxury vehicle destined to carry up to 7 people ensures travel convenience of the dreams of many passengers. Luxury vehicles have a large luggage compartment that can accommodate all the luggage of travelers. A safe journey for children is provided by super safe child seats. Wide seats, silent motor, air conditioning are the qualities which will the tourists who appreciate comfort cannot deny themselves.

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Mercedes Tourismo

 Dormitory bus Krakow An exclusive bus is equipped with all amenities for travelers and can accommodate between 49 and 56 passengers. The vehicle with a three-pointed star on the bonnet provides a high level of traveling comfort in Krakow. Organized groups of tourists visiting Cracow will appreciate the convenience of the journey. Ample storage space for tourists’ luggage, air conditioning, a few doors in the bus ensure a smooth transfer.  Discrete bus windows allow for observation of Krakow from the  top, thanks to which the passengers can see Cracow better.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Convenient transportation KrakowA luxury limousine can accommodate four persons who can travel comfortably and enjoy the sights of Cracow from behind the windows. The limousine is appreciated by guests who value the highest traveling comfort and who care of chic.

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