Tours Zakopane from CracowThe Polish Winter capital of Poland attracts tourists throughout the year. High mountains, towering peaks of the Tatra Mountains are visible from Cracow in good weather. A wistful gaze of tourists admiring the Tatras can be satisfied closely. The proximity of the Tatra Mountains makes that high winds called Halny, which sweeps polluted air, often reaches Krakow, The route to Zakopane passes through winding, mountain roads that constantly lead in an upward direction, where Zakopane is located.

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Salt Mine Wieliczka

Salt Mine WieliczkaSalt has always been an object of desire of mammals. People for centuries waged war for access to salt that guaranteed excellent taste of many meals. Tasty, healthy salt represented wealth, on which kings held a monopoly. Royal Salt Mine in Wieliczka for centuries has been a source of livelihood for the royal monarchy and for many local residents. Deep underground tunnels of several hundred meters have been drilled through many generations of salt miners. In the twenty-first century we can admire the craftsmanship of the age of the old masters of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

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The church in Wadowice

The Holy Father, the first Pole to the papal throne came from Wadowice, a small town located south of Cracow. A small town near the mountains was a natural environment for the growth of the future head of the Catholic Church. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, healthy spring water makes that the mind is developing rapidly. The future pope spent his earliest years here, then his family moved to Cracow.

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Hercules' ClubThe Ojcowski National Park is located in the vicinity of Cracow.  Wild, green forests, the whiteness of limestone cliffs are reminiscent of Jurassic times. Wild sounds of birds living in this primitive backwoods arouse horror among tourists. Deep caves located in the forest that have been carved over the centuries gain respect for the power of nature. High limestone rocks stretch for many kilometers up to Częstochowa. Few traces of man in the form of chapels, church or castle in Ojców are often the object of tourist trips.

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Auschwitz Birkenau - here German Nazi murdered people from all the EuropeThe concentration camp established by Nazi Germany in Poland during the 2nd World War is a place of pilgrimage for many people from all over the world. In this place you can see how big was the cruelty of the Nazi Party during the war. Holocaust, which claimed millions of victims from all over Europe, as well as what can be caused by a dictatorship, which does not tolerate differences, should be reminded. People inhabiting Central Europe: Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians were particularly affected by the Nazi in Auschwitz. The memory of the past helps to avoid mistakes in the future, it is worth to respond to human harm right away. A trip to Auschwitz is an important part of the education of future generations. Educating young people includes the respect for others.

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