Auschwitz Birkenau - here German Nazi murdered people from all the EuropeThe concentration camp established by Nazi Germany in Poland during the 2nd World War is a place of pilgrimage for many people from all over the world. In this place you can see how big was the cruelty of the Nazi Party during the war. Holocaust, which claimed millions of victims from all over Europe, as well as what can be caused by a dictatorship, which does not tolerate differences, should be reminded. People inhabiting Central Europe: Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians were particularly affected by the Nazi in Auschwitz. The memory of the past helps to avoid mistakes in the future, it is worth to respond to human harm right away. A trip to Auschwitz is an important part of the education of future generations. Educating young people includes the respect for others.

The Auschwitz camp is a rare example of Nazi barbarism. Obóz w Oświęcimiu stanowi niespotykany przykład barbarzyństwa hitlerowców. The forceful elimination of competition is a tool of the weak, the Nazi lost the war. The image of martyrdom of the nations by the Nazis in Auschwitz is a message for future generations. Respect for other people, intellectual rather than forceful are the values traditionally cultivated for centuries in Krakow.

We organize trips to Auschwitz, provide complete care for our tourists. Transportation safety is ensured by fast, modern, air-conditioned buses and athletic drivers.

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