Hercules' ClubThe Ojcowski National Park is located in the vicinity of Cracow.  Wild, green forests, the whiteness of limestone cliffs are reminiscent of Jurassic times. Wild sounds of birds living in this primitive backwoods arouse horror among tourists. Deep caves located in the forest that have been carved over the centuries gain respect for the power of nature. High limestone rocks stretch for many kilometers up to Częstochowa. Few traces of man in the form of chapels, church or castle in Ojców are often the object of tourist trips.

 Organization of excursions

We organize trips over Ojców and provide qualified guides who know all the shortcuts in the deep forest. Starving visitors may can taste the local delicacies. Thirsty tourists after walking in the woods can have a drink of water from a mountain stream. Tourist attractions of the Ojcowski National Park are well known to many archeologists and demanding tourists. With us the visitors can corners of Ojców and enjoy unforgettable experiences for many years, we invite you to use our services and hope you become one of our regular customers.

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