Salt Mine WieliczkaSalt has always been an object of desire of mammals. People for centuries waged war for access to salt that guaranteed excellent taste of many meals. Tasty, healthy salt represented wealth, on which kings held a monopoly. Royal Salt Mine in Wieliczka for centuries has been a source of livelihood for the royal monarchy and for many local residents. Deep underground tunnels of several hundred meters have been drilled through many generations of salt miners. In the twenty-first century we can admire the craftsmanship of the age of the old masters of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Large hollow chambers drilled in rock salts, beautiful chandeliers illuminating the interiors of chambers are an unprecedented example of craftsmanship of underground artists. Currently, salt from the Wieliczka Salt Mine is wanted by housewives all over Poland. Housewives know the true value of salt, a pinch of which they sometimes add to their home made meals. Tourists on a trip to the Wieliczka salt mine can taste the original salt buy some amounts of it and take it home :-)

Organization of excursions

Kopalnia Soli WieliczkaTrips to Wieliczka occupy the entire day when taking a trip by the means of public transport. We provide dedicated transport to Wieliczka by air-conditioned buses, on the spot an experienced guide waites for tourists, we invite you to use our services and hope you become one of our regular customers.

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