The church in Wadowice

The Holy Father, the first Pole to the papal throne came from Wadowice, a small town located south of Cracow. A small town near the mountains was a natural environment for the growth of the future head of the Catholic Church. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, healthy spring water makes that the mind is developing rapidly. The future pope spent his earliest years here, then his family moved to Cracow.

 Papal city

We organize trips to Wadowice, on the spit we provide an experiences guide who will show you all the nooks and courtyards where the Pope played as a child. Young Karol Wojtyła liked sweets, he was especially fond of kremówki – cream cakes from Wadowice,

Pontifical fondant from Wadowice

for which he longed for all his life. Tourists can also get a taste of the papal cream cakes that build the power of the mind and spirit. We organize trips to Wadowice using modern, air-conditioned buses, we invite you to use our services and hope you become one of our regular customers.


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