Tours Zakopane from CracowThe Polish Winter capital of Poland attracts tourists throughout the year. High mountains, towering peaks of the Tatra Mountains are visible from Cracow in good weather. A wistful gaze of tourists admiring the Tatras can be satisfied closely. The proximity of the Tatra Mountains makes that high winds called Halny, which sweeps polluted air, often reaches Krakow, The route to Zakopane passes through winding, mountain roads that constantly lead in an upward direction, where Zakopane is located.

Zakopane looks beautiful at any time of the year, and in summer you can meet here Polish movie stars and show business celebrities. In autumn Zakopane gains thousands of new colors, thanks to the forests that surround it. Winter in Zakopanem is a time when skiers flock here from all over Europe. Excellent local cuisine helps to quickly regain their strength after a long day filled with attractions. Hiking a mountain trail enables you to gain a healthy tan. A trip to the peak of Kasprowy Wierch allows you to immerse yourself in the deep-sky clouds.


Krakow Tours ZakopaneOrganizing trips to Zakopane includes a comfortable transfer from Krakowby an air-conditioned bus, and on-site care of an experienced guide. Full care during the travel and an experienced driver ensure a high level of traveling comfort, we invite you to use our services and hope you become one of our regular customers.

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