Transfers Krakow - ZakopaneTransfer from the Baltic to Zakopane is a lot of inconvenience to the passengers traveling by public transport. No, air conditioning, traffic on the road, connecting with the luggage must not interfere with holiday tourists. Fast transfer from Balice Airport to Zakopane can be carried in a comfortable environment that ensures relaxation at the stage of the journey.

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Transfer Krakow - Pyrzowice

A transfer from Cracow to Katowice Pyrzowice Airport  in an air-conditioned bus is a huge convenience for passengers. Short time transport Pyrzowice is ensured only by road transport. Traveling by other means of transportation requires a few hours and a few interchanges. Air-conditioned shuttle bus service from anywhere in Cracow to Katowice Pyrzowice airport does not require having to change.  Time saving on a transfer to Pyrzowice provides time for tourists to relax.

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Transfer Krakow - Warsaw Okecie

A transfer from Cracow to Warsaw Okęcie airport is ensured by us in comfortable conditions. Modern, air-conditioned buses with comfortable buses accommodate both slim and stout person. Wide seats entourage to travel in comfortable conditions directly to Warsaw Okęcie airport. For children we have prepared comfortable, child safety seats, thanks to which they are provided with complete safety during the travel.

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Transfer from Balice airport

A transfer from the Cracow centre to Krakow Balice Airport is provided by our company by a few  air-conditioned buses. We adjust transportation of passengers to Balice airport to the conditions on Krakow roads. We bypass traffic jams and choose such access roads to Balice airport in Balice that can provide easy access to a departure terminal.

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