Transfer Krakow - Pyrzowice

A transfer from Cracow to Katowice Pyrzowice Airport  in an air-conditioned bus is a huge convenience for passengers. Short time transport Pyrzowice is ensured only by road transport. Traveling by other means of transportation requires a few hours and a few interchanges. Air-conditioned shuttle bus service from anywhere in Cracow to Katowice Pyrzowice airport does not require having to change.  Time saving on a transfer to Pyrzowice provides time for tourists to relax.



Pyrzowice airport is located in the Upper Silesia region north of the city of Katowice. Cheap flights to the European Transfer Airport Pyrzowicecountries often have their origin in Pyrzowice. Suitable flights are ensured by aiports from which airplanes often take off. Quick holiday shuttle is associated with access to the international airport, we guarantee stress-free access to the airport in Pyrzowice.

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