Journeys Krakow - ViennaA transfer from Cracow to Vienna is provided by super modern, air-conditioned buses. The capital of Austria is located far away from Cracow and shared by 2 countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A distance from Vienna to Cracow does not constitute an obstacle for our buses, we overcome a long distance to Vienna quickly and efficiently. We provide plenty of space for passengers and their luggage.

Traveling to Vienna by bus is a cheaper alternative for travelers considering air travel to Vienna. Traveling from Krakow to Vienna by bus takes a lot of time and is associated with communication handicaps.

Organizing transfers on the router Cracow – Vienna provides short travel time to the destination. The comfort and convenience of passengers traveling to Vienna is our primary objective, we pick up passengers directly from any place in southern Poland. Transfer services to Vienna includes transportation to any location in the capital of Austria. 


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